Yoga For Your Nerves

Yoga Classes: Offered when invited to your studio.

For all bodies~ All Levels

Preventative for Healthy, Mobile Bodies ~ Restorative for Hurting, Healing Bodies

Most people move in and out of Yoga postures incorrectly, without knowing they’re using the wrong muscles due to past trauma.

Since my focus in everything I do is the nervous system my Yoga classes teach you… 

How to read your body (being aware of jerks and jumps in your muscles) 

To be aware of your discomfort when doing a certain movement,

How to release this discomfort and restore your muscle and joint strength.

I use only basic prep and lower-level postures. 

If you are used to doing more advanced postures, then my classes are perfect to check your alignment and build more strength. Many classes focus on holding the posture and breathing through this. But if you’re placement is incorrect you will be hurting yourself and therefore not doing Yoga, which means Union of Body, Mind and Spirit. You will be stressing and possibly hurting; focusing on your body and losing connection with your mind and spirit. Therefore; not doing Yoga at all.

Depending on people’s interest, I can offer multiple 1- hour classes in a day.

In all of my classes I explain what you’re trying to do and why. This is especially important in Yoga, for each posture is for a specific area of the body and has its’ own affirmation to enhance and strengthen that area. 

I try to make the classes non-intimidating, informative and fun; focusing on 4 principles from Pilates that have helped my body immensely:


Whole Body Commitment (Concentration, control, Centering, Precision, Rhythm),

Oppositional pull,

Whole Body Health (not one muscle or muscle group is over working)

My Goal:

To empower you to know what to do in any exercise environment when you are feeling discomfort. (Not just doing Yoga Postures but out hiking, running, exercising at the gym, Pilates class, dancing, etc.) To empower you to understand your body’s messages instead of worrying about them.

Other Offerings: 

I also offer privates, duos, triple and 4 person Sessions ~ These Sessions are more personalized and therefore cost more than a regular class. 

Prices: TBD