Bowen for Children

Bowen Nerve Sessions for infants to 4 years old: 

* Offered for a donation 

* Are about 10 minutes long.

The parent/guardian holds the child. If the child is able to sit alone, then he/she can sit on the massage table with the parent/guardian.

At this age there is no need for the child to be still. They are young and their bodies are not loaded down with nearly as many stresses and traumas as an adult’s body. The rule followed in Bowen is ‘As many years as you have lived with the stress and trauma, will take the same number of months to release it.

For infants their stress and trauma come mostly from the birthing process no matter how kind and gentle we try to make it for the child. Infants release trauma very quickly and usually visit me once every 6 months unless they have a sudden accident or change in their life then the visits may be 2 or 3 weeks in a row to release that specific trauma.

The older the child gets the more stresses and traumas they collect in their body. In the beginning it may take a few more sessions to release these traumas. Then expect to bring your child for a treatment whenever she/he gets hurt or every 6 months.

Children 5yrs. old – 14:

Sessions range from 15 -30 minutes long

Elementary age children to early teens have more stresses and are carrying more traumas than you may think. These ages are very aware of energy and who is telling the truth and who is not. They may not be able to express it or understand it but they have a sense that things are right or not right with certain adults, situations and family members.

Ages 6 / 7 to 12 / 13 are the FEELING YEARS. This is the time children need to be aware of how they feel, be able to label their feelings and be positively acknowledged for labeling them by their guardians.They need to know that these feelings are okay.

Feelings are different from emotions. Emotions are reactions to your feelings and can be expressed or not.

At the ages 13 & 14 or so, they move into the WILL YEARS. If by now they aren’t able to label their feelings then the stress and trauma patterns in their nerves have built stronger and held longer than when they were young. These teen years are when Bowen visits are necessary to calm the body down to enable better thinking and problem solving and healthier living in general.

As soon as the body is able to stay still on the table this is when they begin sessions lying down the entire 30 - 45 minutes.