Slow Moving Pilates Classes

  • In regards to the nerves, too many repetitions can be traumatizing or       re-traumatizing to the body.
  • Pilates is for releasing stress and bringing balance and well-being to your life.
  • When you’re exercising and you feel emotions welling up connected to a memory you are actually releasing the trauma related to that held in experience. Trauma that had been in a neat little hidden pocket in your spine.

Joseph Pilates realized early on, that the body has an innate awareness of what it needs. If you give it the basic message it will do the rest.

A Slow Moving Pilates session with Lakshmi

Slower movements use all the muscles.

On any of the equipment and mat I begin with the exercise, Tuck and Tip to help your back muscles become more flexible.

I watch how your body moves and where it is tight.

Throughout the sessions I will give you exercises which will focus on your need for physical strength and agility.

It is very important that you communicate how you are feeling. If you are in pain or hurting I need to know, so we can address it immediately.

Because the movements are slow we can catch where the nerves are turning on the incorrect muscles and re-set your nerves to turn on the correct ones.