Nerve Classes

Classes are given 2 times or more every month in the North Fork area. These classes are offered to enlighten and enhance your knowledge on how your nerves work. 

 * These classes are Fun, Entertaining and Active. 

 * 90 minutes long with 5 minute breaks every 10- 15 minutes 

 * Lakshmi presents the information so everyone can understand their nerve to life connection and how it basically works.

* This is not a class series. The information shared is unlimited and unending.

 * All are invited ~ Children 11 Years and Up, Teens, Adults, Parents and Seniors.

 * Take notes or pick up the the informative free handouts that are offered at each class.

Your Nervous System's job is to keep you alive and functioning so called "normally" no matter what happens to you and around you in your life. 

Classes Offered In Your Area by Invitation

The classes are given for a fee, which is determined at the time of setting up the talk(s) in your area.

These classes can be given as a weekend offering Friday night, Saturday & Sunday 1 each day or 1 class on Friday night, 2 classes on Saturday. One in the morning and one in the afternoon; any combination that you feel works for your area. 

Lakshmi can teach 2 -3 classes each day... as many as is wanted and they'd all be a little different with varying information.

Contact Lakshmi to set up Fun, Informative, Entertaining 90 minute Nerve Classes today.